Saturday, January 28, 2012

baby belly

asher: mama, dat guy was jus taking his twash too.
me: yep, he sure was. lots of people have to use this dump to take their trash.
asher: he was a big ol' guy.
me: yes, he was a little bigger, bud.
asher: yeah, he had a baby in his bewwy.
me: oh! oh, no. bud, only girls can have babies in their bellies. and we only talk about that if they've told us that they actually have a baby in their belly. sometimes people just have bigger bellies.
asher: yeah, but do you have a baby in your bewwy cause you're a girwl?
me: nope, i definitely do not.
asher: yeah, but when your bewwy gets bigger there will be a baby in there.

we have 3 friends who have babies in their bellies right now. asher thinks it's really cool. he also thinks big bellies mean babies, regardless of gender or age. i'm trying really hard to teach him the difference before he asks some random man at the store about the child he thinks is growing in his big ol' belly.

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