Thursday, February 7, 2013


bryan: look at all those fish, nate!
nate: *slaps his hand against the glass causing the fish to scatter in terror
bryan: nate, you can look at the fish, but you can't hit the glass. you're scaring them.
nate: yeah! i scare dem! *hits the glass again and laughs maniacally
bryan: nate! you can't do that!
nate: heh heh heh. i scare dem, dad.
bryan: okay, nate. you are a little fish bully. c'mon, we're going to look at the cats.

since we often frequent target, and since petsmart is right beside target, we sometimes take the boys inside to have a look around. asher likes to ooo and ahh at all the animals. nate likes to terrorize them. typical.

i'm so very thankful for boys full of very different personalities.

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