Sunday, January 27, 2013

grace and monster trucks

asher: dear God, thank you for everything You do...and for my family. i love them. please help me to grow big and strong so that next time i can go see monster trucks and i won't be scared and i will stay and watch them with my friends. i love you. amen.

we got asher tickets to the monster truck rally because we thought he would LOVE it. he and bryan went last night with some other dads and little boys from church. as you can tell from his prayer, he was very scared of the whole thing. bry said that asher was ready to go before the show even started, but bry convinced him to stay at least until it began. when the show started and asher realized just how loud the trucks were, he couldn't stand being there.

well, the whole reason we got tickets to monster jam was because we thought asher would enjoy it. when bry realized that asher was thoroughly NOT enjoying it, what did my husb do?

did he try to make asher feel guilty by telling him how much money we spent on those tickets? no.
did he tell him he was being silly and irrational for being afraid? no.
did he force him to stay and sit it out in fear? no.

my sweet husb took asher out for ice cream. bryan showed our boy grace by leaving the show, even though it had barely started, and went to get ice cream instead. when they got home, asher snuggled down in the bed between bry and me and we all watched a movie together on netflix.

ice cream, snuggles and family move night? i'll take that over monster trucks any time.

and the best part: asher LOVED it.

here's to being a family that strives to breathe grace into our children's souls every, single chance we get. and may the grace we give point them to Jesus Christ from whom all grace flows.


  1. Oh what a relief! We were so close to getting tickets for this, too, but I opted out because James is still pretty sensitive - wasn't sure exactly what the Gravedigger would be like... haha! I have a feeling we would have been in the same route to get ice cream!

    Go, Bryan. Good Dad.

    When they get older, maybe we could double family date to those big ol trucks!

  2. Future Monster Jam double date extravaganza is definitely something we shall plan! :) We still aren't sure exactly what was so scary since he was ready to go before it even started, but I'm thankful to have such a sweet, grace-giving husb. :)