Saturday, January 19, 2013


nate: mommy? mommy? i not take a nap...
* i hear him flopping around in his crib
nate: oh! oh, good job, nate! mommy? i frow away my socks! hmmm...bye, bye socks!
* i hear him jumping up and down in the crib
nate: mommy? where are you? i wanna watch tawains. thomas and perwcy. yeah, tawains.
*silence for about 2 seconds
nate: daddy? mommy, i wanna see daddy.
*presumably waiting for daddy to respond
nate: daaaaaddy? where are you? i wanna watch tawains, dad! thomas, dad.
*he starts to fake cry
nate: daaad? uhhhhhhuh huh huh huh! oooooooooo!
*he stops the fake cry
nate: weeeeelll, i not take a nap. guys? guys? i not take a nap!

that kid wasn't lying. never did he ever take a nap.

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