Wednesday, September 19, 2012


bryan: asher? why are you out of your bed?
*asher slinks into our room, hanging his head
asher: well, um, because...what's daddy eating?
me: he's eating a little snack. is that why you're out of bed?
asher: no, but, um...what kind of snack?
bryan: it's popcorn, bud.
asher: oh, i haven't had popcorn in a whole year, ya know?
me: asher, you had popcorn for a snack this afternoon.
asher: yeah, but not from that bag.
me: maybe if you ask daddy politely, he could share a piece with you.
asher: daddy? can i have a piece of that popcorn, please?
bryan: you can have a piece, but then you have to go back to bed, bud.
asher: ok!
*bryan hands asher 3 pieces.
asher: wow! thank you!
me: maybe if you ask nicely he'll let you have a sip of his milk too, asher.
asher: daddy? can i?
bryan: yes, bud. finish chewing, get a sip, and go back to bed, ok?
asher: ok.
me: good night, bud. sleep good. love you so much!
bryan: love you, asher!
asher: love you!

we love these silly little moments with asher when he's supposed to be in bed, but he sneaks out for some ridiculous reason. once he told us his leg was really itchy so he had to come find us to scratch it. his new thing is that he hasn't done whatever he wants in a whole year. silly, sweet boy.

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