Thursday, October 4, 2012

eye shrinkage

me: woah, his eyes look smaller...
bryan: *gives me a silent, incredulous stare as crickets chirp somewhere in the background
me: i mean, between the two pictures. his eyes look smaller, right?
bryan: elise...
me: what?
bryan: i think his face just got fatter.
me: oh.
bryan: did you really just look at those two pictures and think "hmmm, he must be suffering from eye shrinkage" instead of, "he must have put on some weight over the years?"
me: husb, you can't tell me his eyes don't look smaller.
bryan: really? you really think eye shrinkage is the most logical conclusion.

the first set here of dear westley are the pictures in question. after reviewing them again, i'm sticking by my professional and most logical diagnosis of eye shrinkage. definitely eye shrinkage.

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