Wednesday, October 31, 2012


asher: mom? if we hear or see a sasquatch then we have to call this expert team on this show.
me: yeah, that's a good idea, bud.
asher: and when i grow up then everyone in this house can be an expert team and we can find sasquatches.
me: ok. that sounds fun.
asher: yeah. me and you and dad and nater and papa and gangee and owen and marcus and amber can all be the expert team.
me: alright.
asher: but, mom?
me: yeah, bud?
asher: i will just ride in your backpack. that will protect me from the sasquatches...cause i'm a little scared of them.

ever since asher saw a commercial for the tv show "finding bigfoot," he's been a little obsessed. he watched part of an episode for the first time tonight. we're thinking he may be destined for a career in cryptozoology.

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