Saturday, October 6, 2012


hey y'all. i have an important question. i believe i have asked it before, but i'm for real this time. how many of you would be interested in buying one of the adoption prints that i posted yesterday?? or, if you'd rather, you can order a birth stats print.

If you are interested here's a couple of questions:
1) would you rather have a PDF through e-mail or an actual print through regular type mail?
2) would you pay $10-$12?
3) would it help if i told you all the money goes to Brandon & Leah's adoption fund?
4) would you like to see some samples? go here and here. oh, and here.

answer my questions. share this with all 8,423 of your facebook friends.

it costs a lot of money to bring home a sweet adopted child, ya know.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE THEM! What type of paper should it be printed on if it were a PDF? Because that would save shipping cost and more $$ could go to the adoption! Just not sure if I have the best printer/paper to make it look really good!
    Cost sounds great!
    You're such a sweet friend! Praying for Brandon and Leah!