Thursday, October 4, 2012


this conversation happened while papa was digging up some dirt to make a more level place for stepping stones...
me: ohhh, asher! look at all those worms under this stepping stone!
asher: oh, yeah! can i touch them?
me: sure. you can pick them up. just be careful not to pull too hard or they'll come apart.
asher: ok! i will put them in this bucket with the dirt. that will be a fine home for them.
me: great idea. there's another one! get him!
asher: ok!
*he's grabs it. peering down into the bucket he says,
asher: wow, look at all those little wormies. mom?
me: yeah, bud?
asher: it's kind of like a pet store. a worm pet store. all these wormies are my pets.
me: ok.
asher: what's papa gonna do with all this dirt in the bucket?
me: i think he's going to take it and dump at the end of the yard.
asher: what about the worms?
me: well, they'll just get relocated with the dirt. they'll be fine.
*we follow papa to the where he dumps the dirt and asher's new pets.
asher: yep. this is gonna make a fine home for these worms.
me: i think so too.
me: c'mon, nate. don't squish them, bud.
asher: mom? how about you chase nater and i will stay here to protect the wormies? i will get them some leaves because i know worms love to eat leaves and i will watch over them.

i cannot express to you how much i felt like i was talking to my childhood self during this conversation.  i once captured an ant from my grandma's yard and took him in the car with me because i thought he would make a lovely pet. i lost him in the car on the way home. asher is a child after his mama's critter lovin' heart. bless him. somebody get that boy a puppy.

nater, meanwhile, was pulling worms to bits and throwing them over his shoulder. bless him, too.

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