Monday, October 8, 2012


me: husb! it's so exciting that you're on facebook again! it's like we're getting married all over again! ADD ME AS YOUR WIFEY! why haven't you done that yet?!
bryan: wifey, i did. you just haven't signed in yet to accept my request.
me: oh...ok. good job. husb! it's like a whole new level of connectedness! WE CAN FACEBOOK FLIRT!
bryan: do i change my info stuff? oh, nevermind.
me: you got it?
bryan: yeah, but how do i search for new people to add?
me: *giggling
bryan: what are you laughing at?
me: i find your ineptitude on facebook amusing.
bryan: shut it.
me: *stroking his bearded man face* don't worry. i will teach you everything you need to know, husb.
bryan: shut. it.

the husb got back on the Facebooks. my excitement could not be contained.

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