Monday, November 28, 2011


asher: mom, wook at my watch!
me: wow! that's cool. what time is it?
*looks down at his watch
asher: ummm, wook's wike it's about 20 seconds.
me: 20 seconds, huh? that seems like a pretty good time.
asher: yeah...i'm gonna go show daddy!
me: he's using the potty, bud. let's wait for him to come out here.
asher: ok...but i fink he'll be done in about...
*looks at his watch
asher: ...20 seconds.
me: he may be in there a little longer than 20 seconds...
asher: no! 20 seconds!
me: if you say so.

asher has a little hot wheels watch that he likes to wear. the battery is dead so it doesn't actually work, except to let the stinker know that it's 20 seconds. always, no matter what, 20 seconds.

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