Saturday, December 22, 2012

nate is cute

nate: oh my! oh my, mommy!
me: did you fall down?
nate: yes, i fall down.
me: are you ok?
nate: yes, i ok, mommy.

oh my, when he says this (and he uses it A LOT these days) i have to control the urge to squitch his sweet little self until his eyes bug out.

nate: i wanna watch trains, mommy.
me: not right now, bud.
nate: buuuuuuut mooooooommmmmmyyyyy!
me: why don't we play trains?
nate: but mommy.
me: we can't watch them right now.
*he looks away. after a few seconds of ignoring me, he takes off to the bedroom.
me: where are you going?
nate: *he yells down the hall* i gonna watch trains, mommy!
me: not right now, tot!
nate: but mooooommmmmy!

i'm not sure how he learned to use this tactic since i don't think asher says it, but i have to resist the urge to kiss his chubby cheeks and give him everything his little toddler heart desires when he deploys it. it's such a well-formed, heart- wrenching argument.

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