Thursday, December 26, 2013

what we've been talking about lately

asher: didn't you just go to the doctor? why do you have to go to the doctor so much? are you really sick?
me: no, bud. i have to keep going to the doctor because i've got a tiny little baby in my belly.
me: yep. next summer.
asher: NATE! WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY BROTHER! wait, will it be a brother or a sister?
me: we won't find that out for a while. which do you hope it is?
asher: a sister! because we don't have one of those…except then we'd have to buy dolls and stuff and i don't like dolls so, a brother! NATE! WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BROTHER AND THEN WE CAN WRESTLE HIM!
me: well, you'll have to wait a while to wrestle him, babe.
asher: ohhhh, ok. Nate we'll have to wait a few days, but then we can wrestle him!
nate: let me see it.
me: you can't see the baby yet, bud.
nate: but i need to find it.
me: why do you need to find it?
nate: because it's a baby and babies need mommies. i have to find it so i can find its mommy.
me: well, i'll be its mommy, babe.
nate: NO! you're asher and nate's mommy!
me: well, now i am asher, nate and the new baby's mommy.
nate: well, let me just find it.
*he lifts up my shirt.
me: soon my belly will start getting bigger and then you'll be able to tell, but we won't get to meet the baby until next summer.
nate: hmmm, ok.

we are so excited and thankful to be adding another member to the mcclelland clan in july 2014.

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  1. Congratulations!!! I went to school with Bryan and his sis. So exciting! Your boys are too cute! Can you tell Bryan I sent him a FB request a while ago. -Amy Laurence