Wednesday, July 27, 2011

mac vs. pc

bryan: so, i think when we eventually get ready to buy a desktop computer we should get a PC.
me: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
bryan: i'm just saying, they're a lot easier to play video games on.
me: husb, don't you know that PC stands for "probably crappy"...or maybe it's "poopy computing," i can't remember which.
bryan: wiifffffeeeeeyyyy, don't you remember when we were looking at laptops and i didn't want to get a mac, but i did because you wanted one and i love you.
me: no, we got a mac because you did some research and decided it was a good idea. then when we got it your eyes were opened to the truth and you were converted.
bryan: ok, well maybe i'm missing the old PC...
me: if you are so easily swayed to depart from us then you were never really with us, husb.
bryan: oh my gosh, are you questioning my salvation?
me: no! just your loyalty to apple...
bryan: do you still love me if i want a PC?
me: yes, of course, husb.
*dramatic pause
me: hate the sin, not the sinner...
bryan: you are ridiculous.

can't somebody help a sista out and help my silly husb see the error in his PC-loving ways?!


  1. josh and i used to have a PC and the mac is soooo much better!!! we love it!!!

  2. 1) PC stands for Paragonic Computing (bonus points for cool word)
    2) Bryan, I think Elise might start making more trips home so she can update her blog ;)

  3. Sorry, but I'm a PC girl myself. And as the wife of a techy/video game lover... I know that there will NEVER be a Mac in my house! Bryan is missing out on some good gaming by using a Mac! haha