Friday, April 5, 2013


asher: i want a treat.
me: uh, wait a minute. is that a booger stuck to your tooth?
asher: no...
me: have you been eating your boogers again?
asher: NO!
me: i'm pretty sure that's a booger on your tooth.
asher: no, it's not.
me: i believe you've already been eating some treats, sir.

that child cannot stop with the booger eating. i'm trying to break the habit without being too hard on him. i don't want to make him feel like he's a disgusting freak for chewing on a boog every now and again since i'm pretty sure every kid ever has tasted their own boogers at least once before, BUT it is pretty darn gross. however, he did tell us once that they taste like chocolate. i'm just saying, if his boogers taste like chocolate, can you really blame him?

ok, but seriously, how do you put a stop to the eating of the boogs?!

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