Thursday, April 25, 2013


asher: moooooom! maaaaaammmmmaaaaa! moooooom!
me: asher, daddy and i are talking. if i'm talking to someone else and you have something to say, you need to say excuse me and give me time to respond.
asher: ok...
*a few minutes later
asher: mooooooooom! mooooooooom!
*i ignore him
asher: oh, i mean, excuse me, mom?
me: yes, asher?
asher: did you know that x-ray vision is when you can use your eyes to see through things.
me: yeah...
asher: yep.
me: ok.

a worthy interruption indeed. he must have had superheroes on the brain because a few hours after he had gone to bed, he woke up crying and still half asleep-

me: what's wrong, bud?
asher: *crying* i just...i just...i really want to be a superhero!
me: ok, babe.
asher: it's just...i don't like it when i don't have the time to do superhero things!
me: ok, well, maybe you can be a superhero tomorrow.
asher: ok...

there's always tomorrow to hone your superhero skills, my boy.

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