Wednesday, April 10, 2013


asher: ok, mom! my store is open!
me: alright, babe!
asher: wouldn't you like to buy something?
me: of course. how much does this swing cost?
asher: um, that's 3 grass and 3 flowers.
me: ok. sounds like a fair price. why don't you ask GG on the phone if she wants to order something from your store?
asher: well, she'll just have to drive over here and buy something herself.
me: what?! you don't deliver?
asher: i can't deliver, mom. 
me: why not?
asher: because if i run away to GG's house, you guys will give me a spank!

touché, sir. 

this morning, asher gathered up all the toys outside, arranged them on the picnic table, and then opened up shop. we discovered he's a pretty shrewd business man, charging as much as 5 grass and 3 flowers for a single item. he also got some calculator practice as he added up all his earnings. apparently, if you add up enough grass and flowers you get $25. he even showed off his marketing skills in order to win over a new customer:

asher: hi, GG. don't you want to drive over here and buy something from my store? i have lots of stuff. you can buy my shark bicycle helmet. i decided i'm done with it and i'm gonna sell it. *he looks at me and whispers* i'm just pretending, mom. i'm not really gonna sell it. 

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