Wednesday, September 11, 2013


me: nate, do you want some peanuts?
nate: yeah!
asher: not me! i don't like them.
me: that's ok. you don't have to eat them.
asher: my teacher at the bell church asked me if it was okay for me to eat peanuts and i told her it wasn't, but it's really ok for me eat them. i told her it wasn't because i don't like them.
me: so you told her you weren't allowed to have them?
asher: yeah. i just decided to trick her and tell her i was allergic.
me: woah, bud. you shouldn't pretend to be allergic to something when you're not. it's ok just to say, "no, thank you. i don't like them." did you know that sometimes cookies and candy have peanuts in them? if they think you're allergic and will get sick then they won't let you eat that either.
asher: yeah, i know. i was just tricking.
me: well, you were lying to your teacher, bud. who was it?
asher: uhh, it was jackson's mom.
me: ok, babe. next time you see ms. ashley you need to apologize and tell her the truth, please.
asher: oh, alright. i'll tell her i can eat peanuts, i just don't want to.

shewf. good thing that stinker said his prayers last night.

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