Wednesday, September 4, 2013


bryan: did you hear what asher was saying this morning?
me: huh?
bryan: he came and got in the bed at about 6 this morning and he was telling me to turn around because the spiders were behind me.
me: ohhh, yeah. i did hear him saying that.
asher: i was dreaming, guys. i was just dreaming.
me: about spiders?
asher: well, i was dreaming that me and jackson and julian were playing here and these big ol' bunglebees were chasing us so we ran and hid under your bed. then, my leg was still sticking out and i didn't know it, but the bunglebees saw it and they found us. so we ran out into the living room and there was a kid guard standing there to protect us. it was a kid guard, mom, not an adult one.
me: ok.
asher: so we were standing in here with the kid guard and then there were these big spiders crawling all over the window outside and they were trying to get in. that's when i was telling daddy to turn around and look because those spiders were about to be crawling on his back. and then i woke up and the dream was done.
me: wow. was that scary dreaming about big spiders and bees trying to get you?
asher: no, mom. it was just a dream about big bugs.

how is a dream about getting chased by huge bugs not scary? maybe it was the guard. that kid must have been really doing his job. also, i LOVE that he still says bungle bee. here's hoping we make it to 16. 

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