Wednesday, November 21, 2012

baby animals part2

me: you could've spent some birthday money on a tortoise.
bryan: nothing ever at all anywhere could make me want to spend birthday money on a turtle.
me: tortoise. or you know what else i found?
bryan: no.
me: there's this breed of rabbit that is, like, as big as asher. about 40 pounds or so, i think.
bryan: why would you think an asher-sized rabbit would be a good idea? do you know how many pellets normal sized rabbits produce? can you imagine the ones from one the size of our son?
me: they're really cute though.
bryan: nope.
me: alright, i'm going to bed...because you hates me and giant rabbits and tortoises.
bryan: wifey, where would you even get a tortoise-size saddle?
me: well, i'm pretty crafty, husb. i think i could make one. DIY that junk.
bryan: DIY tortoise saddle. you'd be a pinterest sensation.
me: you know that's right.

i love my husb so much. he puts up with all of my ridiculousness and still humors me. he's stronger than a tortoise and cuter than a 40 lb rabbit. and that's saying a lot.

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