Thursday, November 1, 2012


* i notice asher stealthily sneaking up the hill to our neighbor's yard.
me: hey! what are you doing up there?
*he jerks around and holds his finger to his mouth
asher: SHHHH!
me: what are you doing, asher?
*he does some martial arts moves and then keeps sneaking. nate and i ever so unquietly walk up to asher.
me: ok. what's going on?
*he points down the road
asher: the man in the blue shirt.
* i look down the road and see a man walking.
me: what about him?
asher: i need to follow him.
me: no, you don't.
asher: mom! he's just walking down the road! he might be doing something bad!
me: maybe, but it looks like he's just walking.
asher: i need to go check because i'm a ninja.
*he does some more martial artsy moves
me: asher, we're not following a random man down the road so that you can perform ninja karate moves on him.
asher: awwwww, mom!

along with chasing bigfoot, asher also likes to dabble in ninja-ing. watch out, all you squatches and random unsuspecting neighbors. asher's itching to use his moves.

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