Wednesday, November 7, 2012

bad dreams

asher: dad? can i sleep with you guys?
bryan: no, bud. you need to go back to your bed.
asher: but i keep having bad dreams in my bed.
bryan: ok. come here and talk to us for a minute.
*asher climbs in our bed
bryan: what were you dreaming about?
asher: i dreamed that a cow stole my pants and i was mad because i had to stand in my underwear.
me: what did the cow look like?
asher: umm...he was black...
me: black and white spotted?
asher: yes. with a pink nose.
me: what did he do with your pants?
asher: he just ripped them off with his mouth and ran away.
me: and left you in your underwear?
asher: yes.
me: that must have been a sneaky cow.
asher: yep. a sneaky cow that stole my pants.

this morning he told me that he also had a dream that his papa was a grumpy hotdog that was yelling at him. bad dreams, indeed.

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