Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tiny baby animals

after seeing these wonderful pictures, this conversation took place:

me: i can't wait for Jesus to come back so that i can play with all kinds of baby animals and not get eaten alive.
bryan: hm.
me: then i could ride a tortoise.
bryan: um, i don't think they're going to get bigger...
me: i could have a tortoise now if you would let me.
bryan: no. we are not discussing this.
me: we could keep him in the backyard.
bryan: don't you need like a terrarium or something? when they're small?
me: or you know what? maybe we could get a green house and grow our own oranges and bananas and keep our tortoise in there.
bryan: no. i hate this idea.
me: we can call him torty.
bryan: did you just say torty?
me: or torticus?
bryan: hmm, torticus is growing on me.

have i mentioned that bry hates baby animals? because he does.

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