Monday, July 9, 2012


asher: i had so much fun today, mom.
me: im so glad, bud. i'm so proud of you for running the bases all by yourself!
asher: yeah, but i ran them with my friend, logan.
me: oh, yeah. you and logan ran together.
asher: yeah, who's logan again?
me: you tell me, silly.
asher: logan is my friend in the green shirt.
me: he was wearing a green shirt tonight.
asher: yeah, and then we won the race and got a prize!

bryan, asher, and i went with our church to a greenville drive baseball game yesterday. i don't think asher watched a single play, but he had so much fun playing with his buddy, logan. after the game was over, the kids got to go down and run the bases. at the end of the run, they were given a frisbee. that was definitely asher's favorite part!

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