Tuesday, July 24, 2012

late night of shame and hilarity

i'm hesitant to post this. thankfully, only a few people that i have to face in person read this blog so i shouldn't have to face overwhelming embarrassment. this happened last night:

me: husb! go to sleep! it's so late! stop slumber partying me!
*he wraps himself up in the entire blanket, leaving me unsnuggled and chilly
me: seriously?! did you just blanket burrito me?!
bry: yep.
me: but i'll freeze!
bry: you can stick you hands on my butt cheeks to keep them warm.
me: yeah, but what about the rest of me? your butt's not that big.
bry: ok, fine.
*he covers me back up with the blanket
me: thank you. now, go to sleep.
bry: i can't! i just got a second wind!
me: here's a second wind for ya!
*i fan the blanket
bry: did you really just say, "here's a second wind for ya" and fan your fart in my face?!
me: hahahaha! *laughing so hysterically that i can barely communicate* i did! that was SO funny!
bry: oh my gosh. you have to post this on your blog. if you don't, i'm going to hack it and post it for you. you always make me look crazy, but now it's your turn.

there you go, husb. i posted that junk. cuz i love you, boo.

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