Wednesday, June 27, 2012

slumber party

bry: wifey, why do you snuggle up over here before you go to sleep when you know you're going to become a blazing inferno in a few minutes and have to roll over by yourself?
me: because, husb, i'm trying to cherish my few minutes of snuggling time with you while i can. shush it and go to sleep.
bry: quit trying to make out with me right before bed, woman!
me: huuuuusb! will you stop talking and go to sleep!
bry: hahaha!
me: and by the way, i need you not to ask me any questions that require a response within the first 15 minutes of me waking in the morning. you can talk at me, but not with me.
bry: i understand that you are a butts and cannot function socially first thing in the morning.
me: yep.
bry: and that you hates me.
me: huuuuuusb!
bry: hahahaha!
me: quit trying to slumber party me! go to sleep!

a few things:
1.) somehow, as soon as i fall asleep, i become a heat radiating machine of fire.
2.) it's true, i am socially dysfunctional upon waking.
3.) ignore my husb's accusations of pursuing make out.
4.) i do not hates him.
5.) the husb and i do this thing that i have aptly named slumber partying. it's when we should both be sleeping because we both rise early, but instead we giggle and talk about silly things and are generally ridiculous.

and everyone knows that you cannot slumber party on a week night. save it for the weekend, husb!

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