Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a few of my favorites things

the nater tot talks all the time. much of the time he prefers to use his baby gibberish that we have not yet learned to decipher. judging by his serious demeanor and the emotional cadence of his voice, he is communicating very important information in this language, if only we would listen and understand. alas, we have yet to uncover the secrets of the world that he is, no doubt, telling us.

however, he does use some words that we do understand. here are a few of my favorites.

  • whenever he holds a phone, or an item that he's pretending is a phone, he pushes it up to his chubby little cheek and says, "heeeelwwwwoooooaaaahhh? helwoah?" it may be the cutest phone greeting you have ever heard. ever.
  • asher = "ashure" or usually "aaasshhuuuuuuuuure!" i'm thinking about changing my eldest's name so that i can hear nate call him this forever.
  • he also calls asher, "brubber" instead of brother. 
  • one of my very favorite things is when he says, "dwumph!" and then he jumps. and by jump, i mean he squats down and then propels himself onto his tippy toes while never really leaving the ground at all. he will dwumph over and over and over again.
he better be coming home from high school telling me that he did awesome in the long dwumph in gym class. when i call him while he's away at college, i need him to answer the phone by saying, "helwwooooaaahhhh?"

or maybe i will just continue to blog about the adorability of his words and allow him to develop normal speech patterns. whatever, i guess.

he also says normal ones like mama, daddy, chootrain, and cheetoh. what's that, you say? not every one and half year old asks for cheetos?  i am ashamed. seriously, i am. those things are stinky and leave florescent orange residue. i do not eat them. however, there are some grandparents in the family who believe kids need cheetos for sustenance.

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