Tuesday, June 26, 2012


bry: wifey?? did you mean to leave your hair on the shower wall?
me: huuuuuusb! did you not notice what shape it was in?!
bry: *sigh* yes, yes, i did.
me: whaaaat? you didn't just love your hair heart surprise?
bry: ugh, wifey. you know i hates hair surprises.
me: husb, that is a handcrafted art form using a unique medium.
bry: *grumble grumble grumbly grumble

the husb hates it when i leave my hair on the shower wall. i usually try to remember to get it down and throw it away when i get out. however, if i know he's going to be showering right after me, sometimes i leave him love notes via hair. this time it was a heart. once, i painstakingly created "i heart u" on the wall. such hair surprises serve the dual purpose of both aggravating bry and making him laugh which happen to be two of my favorite things to do.

marriage is fun, y'all.

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