Wednesday, June 20, 2012


me: asher, if you try this slice of strawberry, i'll give you a granola star.
asher: ok!
*he bites it
me: ok, now chew it up! it's so sweet and yummy!
asher: mmmmhhmmmm.
*he tries to smile while he fights off his gag reflex
me: good job, asher! you ate it! wasn't that delicious?!
asher: yeah. can i have a granola star now?
me: sure. did you know that jelly is made from strawberries? that's where jelly comes from.
asher: yes, and it also comes from jellyfish.

i have to bribe asher to eat things that are good for him (yet another reason why i'm so thankful for the granola stars.) he has a very strong gag reflex and has been known to throw up upon trying healthy things. honestly, i was surprised that he managed to chew and swallow a big chunk of strawberry with minimal gagging.

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