Thursday, July 5, 2012

magic mimi

imagine with me, if you will, this hypothetical conversation...

bryan: hey, babe. me and the boys are going to see that new movie "magic mimi" tonight. 
me: huh?!
bryan: yeah, you know, the one with all of those really hot girls playing strippers. man, i hope it's in 3-D so their boobs look so real i could touch them. 
me: whaaaat?!
bryan: darling, it's just a movie. besides, you should be excited too because after i've been watching those girls strip for a few hours, you'll be getting lucky when i get home. 
me: excuse me?!

and that's about the time i would start screaming, weeping, and probably throwing blunt objects in his general direction. why, you ask? because i am jealous for my husb. i want his love and affection and sexual desire to be found in me and no one else. now, the above conversation would never, ever happen in my home. my husband loves me and makes me feel like i'm the only beautiful woman he has ever seen. he is careful to guard his heart and mind from other things that may tempt him to stray. and although no marriage is perfect, me and the husb have a pretty dang awesome one. and since i am SO proud to be his wifey and i want to keep our marriage healthy, i refuse to spend money on smut like magic mike. 

for a few weeks now, i've been pondering writing a blog about how disappointed i've been in my fellow women for supporting the sketchyness that is ol' magic mikey. all of those excuses and reasons in the above conversation are ones i've heard or read women use. however, this girl expresses my convictions way better (and probably kinder and gentler) than i would. so, please, go read her blog.

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