Monday, July 23, 2012

in the car

bryan: oh, the offspring. it's a good morning for radio.
*he turns up the radio in the car
me: you know, i've never really cared for the offspring.
bryan: whaaat?
me: that guy sings like this no matter what he's saying and it always sounds the same with no inflection or change eevvvvveeerrrrr.
*i do an awesomely spot-on impression of offspring singer guy.
bryan: that sounded nothing like him.
me: huuuusb, that sounded exactly like him!
bryan: you know what that sounded like? your anus coming out of your mouth.
me: i believe the official term for that is inverted anal reflux.
bryan: no, it's actually called anus reducto buttoxi.
me: i think that may be a harry potter spell, husb.
bryan: well, if it is, somebody cast it on you!

i'm thinking of installing a dash camera in our car so that i can have all of our awesome car conversations on record. also, i would like to watch our dancing/ singing jam sessions that spontaneously occur when we hear such musical gems as call me, maybe or it's getting hot in herr.
*notice that i did not include anything by the offspring in the musical gems examples.

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