Friday, June 7, 2013

worm rescue

asher: mom? why are all these worms out?
me: well, it rained a lot this morning and now we've got the sprinkler out so the ground is very wet. worms don't do so well in really wet ground.
asher: oh! we need to move them to a better location!
me: well, we'll have to turn the sprinkler off if you want to do that...
asher: ok! get that sprinkler turned off! i'll keep an eye on the worms!
me: alright.
*i turn the sprinkler off
asher: mom, can you help me gather them up?
me: yeah, bud. here's a handful.
asher: ok, i'm gonna go find a better, drier place for them!
me: sounds good, bud. i'll keep looking for more.
asher: nate! get over here and get some worms! we gotta find a better location for them!

our little emergency worm relocation team led by captain asher was moving handfuls of worms at a time to drier ground. i'm so thankful for asher john's compassionate heart, even when it's for slimy, half-drowned worms.

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