Friday, June 7, 2013


me: are you going back to the bathroom before you go to sleep?
bryan: uhh, why? cause if you need me to get you something, then i'll forgo brushing my teeth and just go to sleep.
me: you hates me.
bryan: haha! i'm just kidding. whatcha need, baby?
me: one of those face wipe thingys...
bryan: no. i am not bringing you one of those things so you can swhipe your face in bed and then throw it over me into the floor to be left there for an undetermined amount of time.
me: huuuuuuuusb!
bryan: no, wifey. get out of bed and go wash your filthy face and then throw that junk in the trashcan.
me: huuuuusb! you do hates me.
bryan: go.
me: ok, ok. i'm gooooing!
*i climb out of my snuggly, warm bed.
me: it's pretty remarkable that you knew exactly what i was going to do with that wipey. it definitely was gonna get thrown over you into the floor...

he knows me so well. he also hates doing totally reasonable things for his lazy wife. sigh.

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