Monday, October 14, 2013

family pictures

me: husb! look at all these beautiful pictures!
bry: they are really good.
me: how did she get so many when our tot was so grumpy?
bry: i don't know. she did a good job. look at that one. it looks like nate and i are having a tender moment, but i'm pretty sure i'm having a "talk" with him because he was screaming and refusing to take any more pictures.
me: haha! it looks real sweet though.

my sweet husb had many a "talk" with our little nater on picture day. it went something like this,

bry: nate, you're part of this family and you need to be in these pictures.
bry: well, you're going to be because this is really important to your mother.
me: daddy doesn't like getting dressed up and taking pictures either, tot, but he's doing a really good job.
nate: NOOOOOOOOO! *runs away screeching*

and, yet, michele wallace managed to capture such sweet shots. miraculous.

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