Wednesday, October 23, 2013


bry: are you pulling chicken out of that old soup for mittens?
me: yes, i am.
bry: well, that is ridiculous.
me: husb, wooing untamed animals can be a tedious business.
bry: and it is the passion of your heart. you know that if you keep feeding that cat then eventually you're going to stop seeing those bunnies hop out of the bushes...
me: husb, the plan is to woo mittens all the way inside. then we can sit at the window and watch the bunnies together.
bry: oh boy.
me: i was worried about that kitty getting too cold last night.
bry: elise. it's an animal with fur. it can endure the cold.
me: i considered leaving a box with some old towels on the porch...
bry: oh, yeah? why don't you just leave the garage open?
me: well, i thought about that too, but then i didn't want any other critters getting in.
bry: oh my gosh.

we have a stray cat that slinks around our yard. i feed it leftovers in hopes that i can win it over. so far it just stares at me through the window and then darts away. slow progress. we've already named it though so i feel like we're going places with that cat. it's meant to be.

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