Friday, October 25, 2013

wake up call

nate: mooooom! is it time to wake up?
me: nooooooo.
nate: but it's 6 clockin' hours, mom!
me: huh?
nate: i said it's 6 clockin' hours!
me: ok. wake me up at 7 clockin' hours.
* he flops around on top of me for a few minutes
nate: mom! i fink it's time to get up!
me: nooooo.
nate: but it's 11 10 hours.
me: wake me up in a few more.
nate: MOM! it is 7 hours and dat means it's time to wake up.

this conversation went back and forth for about 100 clockin' hours until i finally got up with that cute little stinker.

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