Monday, September 26, 2011


me: asher! don't pick up your brother, please.
*asher shrugs his shoulders and says,
asher: i jus saying, mom. 
me: well, you can't pick him up he's too heavy. 
asher: i know. i jus saying.

asher tries to justify any action by jus saying. 


asher has a cute little laptop that helps children learn animal sounds, numbers, and shapes. he's really too big for it now, so i let nate play with it. 
nate: *banging on the laptop buttons
asher: umm, nate? i needa check my e-mail. 
*he takes the computer from nate. 
me: asher, your brother was playing with that. 
asher: i needa check my e-mail, mom. i jus saying.
nate: *crawls on top of his brother and tries to get to the laptop
asher: mom! wook at brudder! he's crwawling ober me!
me: i see! he wants to know why you took his laptop away!
asher: cuz i just needa check my e-mail, nate!


nate likes to chew on the charger cord for our macbook. he gets in trouble every time he does it. we've started having to slap his little hands when he grabs it because we're afraid he could get electrocuted. even with the hand slaps, the rubbery cord texture is just too chewable for a teething tot to resist.
me: nate! drop it! NO! NO!
asher: naaaaate! NO!
nate: *looks at us and smiles
me: nate, you cannot play with that chord. 
asher: yeah, nate. do you fink dat's a good idea? i don't fink dat's a good idea. 
nate: *tries to put the cord in his mouth
asher: MOM! GET HIM! 
me: NO! NO! 
*i slap nate's hand
asher: yeah, nate. no! you can't haf dat cord!
me: asher, i appreciate you trying to be a good big brother and looking out for nate, but you need to let mommy handle this. 
asher: ok, mom...but nate can't haf dat cord...not a good idea, nate. 

asher has been questioned many a time about whether or not he thought his actions were good ideas. it's so kind of him to impart his wisdom to his brother, don't you think? poor nate isn't going to be able to get away with anything fun with brother around. 

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