Monday, September 19, 2011


me: hey, bud. did you have a good nap?
asher: yeah. der was a mouse.
me: a mouse?
asher: yeah. papa had a mouse.
me: papa had a mouse? was he scaring you with a mouse?
asher: yeah. he was just saying, "eeeeerrrrr!" (growly noise)
bryan: i think you were having a dream, bud.
asher: no, it was a mouse. i was going wif gangee to see papa.
me: you and gangee were going to see papa?
asher: yeah, and papa was a mouse! he put on his gwasses and said, "eeeerrrr!" and den he put on his hat and said, "eeerrrrrr!"
me: so, papa turned into a mouse? that sounds pretty creepy.
asher: yeah. it was pwetty cweepy.
me: you know, that didn't really happen. papa isn't really a mouse. that was just a dream. it was just pretend in your mind.
asher: yeah, papa not weally a mouse. it was pwetty twicky.

daaaaang, papa. will you quit scaring my kid while he's trying to sleep?!

on a side note, asher uses the adjective "tricky" a lot. i'm not sure where he learned it, but it's one of my favorite things that he says.

having a dream about papa turning into a mouse and eeeeerrrring at you is pretty tricky, indeed.

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