Thursday, September 15, 2011

it's baaaaack

in honor of tonight, let me redirect you to this post.

what's that i feel? my inner 15 year old girl squealing with delight?

welcome back, you silly, squealy friend.

i've missed you.

dearest inner-15-year-old-squealy-mcsilly girl,

i hate to do this to you. really, i do. i know how much you love the thrill of unrealistic, supernatural teenage drama, but this needs to be said. are you sitting down? i'm going to try to let you go gently.

i'm done with the aforementioned show. the level of ridiculous content has exceeded my responsible adult viewing capacity. maybe i'm just in a different life place than i was last season, but the questionable, sketchtastic content seems to have escalated to an unreasonable amount. i may have visibly cringed a few times while watching due to how remarkably uncomfortable i felt. i shouldn't feel filthy after watching a tv show.

so, miss mcsilly, label me a prude if you must, but i'm out, sista. call me up in november and you can be my date to a certain vampire wedding, if you like.

sincerely the adult who has to put her foot down this time,

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