Friday, September 9, 2011

now that nate's on the move...

...he's found some new favorite things to eat! bry and i find ourselves saying things like this multiple times a day:

"naaaaate, how did you get your brother's shoe? and why is it in your mouth?"

"tot! we don't eat paper! what happened to mickey mouse's lower half? did you seriously ingest 1/2 of a coloring page?!"

"duuuuude, get those diapers out of your mouth!"

"where did you get that tube of diaper rash cream? that's for your booty, not your mouth!"

"we don't eat remotes, totty."

"where did that crayon come from? you're going to have multi-colored poop!"

oh, and this happened:
bry: i'll change nate's diaper if you want to go run some bath water for him?
me: ok.
*a few minutes later, bry comes to the bathroom
bry: wifey, i got up to go throw tot's diaper away and when i came back he was making his escape, crawling away with his little naked booty in the air.
me: awww...
bry: look out! he's coming this way!
me: ahhhh! nudey tot on the loose!

there's nothing cuter than a crawling, nudey, baby booty!

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