Thursday, February 10, 2011

my guilty pleasure

bryan: are we gonna hang out tonight?
me: sure. at 9. after vampire diaries. 
bryan: oh yeah, well i wouldn't want to interrupt your night with damon.
me: huuuuuuuuuuusb!

i just felt the need to confess that i really enjoy watching the show 'the vampire diaries' (thursdays at 8 on CW, just in case you need to tune in). i'm sitting here waiting for it to start and i'm excited. my sweet husb is putting the stinker to bed so that i can watch it. i'll admit it's silly and dramatic and so 15 year old girl...AND i love it. and yes, i'm slightly embarrassed about my affection for it. 

there, it's out. 
think of me what you will.
cringe if you must.

we all have silly little guilty pleasures though, don't we? what's YOURS?


  1. I love it that I'm not alone and that we're the same person. <3

  2. *looks around and whispers*
    .......General Hospital.......

  3. hahaha! thanks for responding, friends! :)