Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 things the warmer weather means

1. i have to start regularly shaving my legs again.
alas, one of the more regrettable aspects of warmer weather. i like to use my leg hair as added insulation during the winter. bryan just said as i was typing this "i think it's nice because i don't even remember that your legs can be smooth until summer rolls around again." heh.
2. i get to paint my toenails pretty colors without feeling like it's a waste of time.
i just painted them "i pink i can" this afternoon. it amuses asher to watch. of course, letting him watch means he gets excited and tries to "help" and then i have to repaint them about 532 times (i enjoy number exaggeration. i think it's funny. i'm sorry if it's getting old by now since it is about the 823rd time i've used it in these posts.)
3. i get to eavesdrop on the kids at the playground.
our seminary apartments have an unbelievable amount of children (8,946 to be exact. i counted.) they all flood outdoors when the weather warms up. here are a few treasures i overheard today while playing in the sandbox with asher.
*2 girls seesawing while a boy swings beside them
boy: are y'all in the 6th grade?!
girl: uhhh yeah.
boy: oh man. luuuucky!
girl: oh my gosh. no, you have no idea. it's like the hardest thing you'll ever do in your life!
(ohhhh little girl. i hope 6th grade is the hardest thing you'll ever have to do. i really do...)
boy1: no! don't leave man.
boy2: i've got to go. my mom told me i've gotta go home.
boy1: noooo. then i won't have anyone to play with.
girl: you can play with me!
boy1: ugh. no.
(ohhhh little boy. one day girls won't have cooties and you'll wish they paid more attention to you.)
girl1: hey! watch this trick i can do on my bike!
girl2: i taught you how to do that.
girl1: no, you didn't.
girl2: yes, i taught you it.
girl1: nu-uh. i always knew how to do it. i just...never...did it...before now.
(ohhhh little girl1. i just thought you were funny. it's ok to admit someone else taught you your super cool new bike trick. we can't all be future xgamers.)

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