Sunday, February 27, 2011

confession #3: binge reading

hi, my name is elise.
and i'm a book binger. 
i'm incapable of reading a good book at a leisurely pace. 

i just finished the hunger games trilogy.  i read the 1st book in 2 days, the 2nd in 1 day, and the 3rd in a 1 1/2 days. each book is close to 400 pages. i would've finished the last one quicker, but it was the weekend so bry was home and his parents came to visit which meant that i tried to actually participate in real life instead of allowing myself to be totally and only absorbed in the stories of fictional characters. it's tough for me to do that.  i know that i binge on books. i'm aware of this weakness, so i take breaks between reading so that i can be fully present and engaged in the real world for while. 

all that to say, i have a deep affection for good literature and think it provides wonderful benefits to individuals and society as a whole, but i don't think i've read my Bible once since i started reading this series.  every free moment that i could've spent reading my Bible was put into reading these books. and while i've certainly enjoyed pondering morality and ethics and the absurdity of utilitarian beliefs while reading them, i have not spent time seeking God's truth through His word. 

this is a problem because my sin snuggles down and gets a little more comfortable when i don't hold my life up to Truth each day. it only takes a bit of time away for my focus to zero in selfishly on me. i need to be in the Word to remind myself of who Christ is, what He's done, and who i am as a result of that. when i let God's word get bumped to the back burner, i don't think or live or love the way that i should. 

so my prayer this week is that God would give me a desire and passion for His story, the most amazing one of all, above all others. 


  1. I understand the reading binge and the way you feel when you are not in the word. I will pray for you sweetie! We had a great time even if it was very short. We love spending time with you guys!

  2. thank you! :) we had a great time too. thanks so much for getting that washer for us! i've been enjoying doing laundry all day!