Friday, February 11, 2011

daddy's heart

bry put asher to bed last night so that i could indulge myself. annnnnd this happened-

bry: listen to what he did while i was in there.
me: ok. what?
bry: i fell asleep for a few minutes and when i woke up he was really still so i thought he might've gone to sleep too. he was laying with his back to me, so i sat up and leaned over to see if his eyes were closed. he was still barely awake and he smiled real big at me.
me: awwwwwww!
bry: yeah. so i laid back down. then he sits up-and you can tell he's really sleepy just by the way he's moving and he's got little sleepy eyes and...
me: he checks to see if you're awake like you did to him?? (i like to interrupt the husb. sorry, husb! i get excited...)
bry: well, no,i thought that's what he was doing too. BUT he leaned over and kissed me!! and then he laid back down and went to sleep.
me: oh. my. gosh. did it just melt your little daddy heart right out of your chest??!!!
bry: yes, it did.

i'm not the only one who gets charmed by the stinker.

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  1. That is so sweet.

    Hey con I make one blog suggestion? Sometimes it is hard to read because the font is so light on the back ground. Just thought you should know