Friday, February 11, 2011

big helper

baby nate has reflux problems. i keep about 573 burp cloths handy because he's always spitting up. i usually have one on my shoulder anytime i'm holding him. this afternoon asher grabbed one off of the couch and put it on his shoulder.

me: whatcha doing, bud?
asher: gotta get baby nate. c'mon baby nate. (he tries to pick his little brother up)
me: ohhhh no. he's sleeping right now, asher. let's leave him there.
asher: ok, mama.

this incident was adorable and terrifying at the same time. i'm glad i was sitting there to stop him before he got a good grip on baby nate. i love that he's trying to be a helper and a good big brother though. who knows? maybe in a few years when he's like 6, i can just let asher do all the baby burping and diaper changing and food cooking and house cleaning while i sit on the couch eating chocolate peanut butter fudge ice cream and watching jerry springer.

i kid. you know i love that boy too much to force him into manual labor. i don't even watch jerry.

speaking of jerry springer, my dad told me that he watches it in the afternoons while he rides the elliptical recumbent bike (my mom read this and corrected me). i laughed. i am smiling just thinking about it.

here's a picture of my dad with the stink (notice the burp cloth on the back of the couch):

and with the little buddy:
jerry! jerry! jerry!

hehehehehe. love you, dad.

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