Friday, February 11, 2011

poor baby nate

baby nate doesn't get much recognition on here and since i love both my babies, that messes with my impartial mama's heart. it's really just because he's not even 2 months old yet (he will be on valentine's day!), so he doesn't contribute much to our daily conversations...other than sweet, little baby gurgle noises that make me swoon. so since he can't talk yet, i just thought i would let everyone know that he has a theme song. it's more of a jingle, really. like to hear it? here it go! (that was for you, aunt churl ann)

"littttttle buuuudddddyyyyy!" (to the tune of "rubber ducky")

ok, so it's not much, but we have fun with it. we add descriptive words depending on what he's doing at the moment. like "little burpin' buddddddyy!" or "little grumpsin' buddddyyy!" or bryan likes to make him fly when he hands him to me just so he can say "little flyin' budddyyyyy!" that last one always makes us giggle a little bit. (let me just clarify that bry doesn't actually throw him to make him fly. he just holds his arms out and zooms him around a bit.)

i just needed to post something about our little buddy since big bud gets so much blog time.
now i have officially been appeased.
thank you for humoring me.
for the sake of "litttttttlllle buuuuuddddddyyy!"

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