Thursday, February 3, 2011

unimaginable...(this is a long one, but worth it!)

bry: did i tell you about the lady who was offering lots of money to buy someone's baby?
me: umm, no.
bry: yeah, they were talking on the radio about this lady. i guess she couldn't have kids? but my first thought was, 'why wouldn't she just adopt?' and the only thing i could come up with was maybe she got denied for adoption? in which case, why would you want her to have your child?
me: wow. that is crazy.
bry: so the host on the radio show asks if anyone-hypothetically-would be willing to sell their child and for how much. just as i'm thinking 'who in the world would do that?' a guy calls in and says he'd take 4 million for his 2 month old.
me: what???!!! that's nate's age. i can't even imagine...
bry: yeah, his reasoning was if this lady has 4 mil to pay for his baby, then she could probably give him a better life. and i thought 'man, there's more to life than giving your kids material things!'
me: exactly.
bry: so then this other woman calls in, and she's literally in tears, saying that her and her husband aren't able to have kids and they're not in a good enough financial place to be able to adopt. she says if you're willing to sell your baby for any amount of money then you're a monster! and the whole conversation went from kind of a joke between this baby selling guy and the host, to serious compassion for this woman. they even let the woman talk directly to this guy...
me: wow.

i was in shock through most of this conversation trying to figure out why someone would give up their tiny baby for money, so i didn't have much to say. even if that baby was "taken care of" as far as wordly pleasures go, can you imagine the emotional damage when he found out that daddy sold him for a few million? crazy. hopefully, sweet lady at the end talked some sense into him...

this convo is a good reminder to me when i'm feeling sorry for myself because our tight budget won't allow us to buy all the coolest toys or take the neatest vacations. our boys won't be missing out on the important stuff like love and snuggles and laughs and tickles and silly spontaneous dancing that their daddy does...

ok, mama is probably more likely to do the last one, but you get the point.

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  1. I can't imagine anyone ever selling a baby! I would take them if they don't want them!! And yes darling your babies may not have worldy trips or toys but they know even at this tender young age that they are loved. That means more than any THING you can buy them. Love you