Wednesday, February 16, 2011


*playing with play-doh
asher: look at dat green butterfly!!!!
me: no, that's brown, asher.
asher: look at dat brown butterfly!!!
*playing with trucks
asher: tell me what color is dis, mama.
me: that's a yellow truck.
asher: yellow truck. now how bout dis?
*looking at a book about colors
me: what color is that, asher?
asher: orange, mama.
me: yayyyyyy! that's right!!
asher: orange circle.
me: that IS a circle, bud! soooo goood!!

we're working on our colors. he gets confused sometimes, but for the most part he's learning them well. i make him tell me what color his play-doh is before i open it for him. and then he makes me tell him what color his trucks are before i can play with him. and somehow he knew that the orange circle was a circle. i'm still not sure how he knew that because i haven't even tried to start shapes yet. i think he must have learned it from Little Pim because he does shapes and colors. except those are in spanish. but circulo and circle are pretty close, right? or maybe my stinker is a shape learning prodigy. cool.

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