Monday, February 14, 2011

my funny valentine

me: remember our first valentine's together?
bry: yup.
me: how you drove from charleston to greenville in february with the air conditioning running so that the flowers wouldn't wilt??
bry: yep. and then they died in the refrigerator anyway...
me: and how you left them on the front stoop of the apartment and rebecca knocked them over on her way to work??
bry: yeah. those flowers were destroyed. and how i confessed that i intended to marry you in the letter i wrote?
me: yep. and how i didn't respond to that letter until 11 that night in a text message.
bry: yes!! you waited forever and then it was by text message?!!

it's so good to remember the early days of love. bryan seriously drove 3 1/2 hours with his air conditioning running in february because the florist told him the tulips needed to stay cool so they wouldn't wilt. i thought it was adorable when he told me. then they wilted overnight in the fridge. bryan went out to the store after he realized that the original tulips were mostly dead and bought some new ones. then he put together a brand new flower arrangement by himself! then one of my roomates kicked them over on her way out the door in the morning. poor tulips. they were still lovely though. AND after he confessed his undying love for me and his intention to marry me i really did leave him hanging all day. poor bryan. obviously, the wait was worth it though. we were engaged by that august.

love you, adorable husb o' mine!!

happy valentine's day!

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  1. Wow, did he grow up while I wasn't watching!!! LOL Good job, BriPi.