Monday, February 7, 2011

sunday, sunday, sunday!

i find myself complaining a lot about how the church lacks good fellowship and accountability because we fail to be transparent and honest with one another about our sins and struggles. when we hide behind "everything's fine" then we stifle the potential community we could find in admitting we're dirty scoundrels, but still loving and helping one another in spite of ourselves.

soooo since i am part of this church that i'm complaining about, i've decided that sundays are going to be reserved for "my confessions". in an effort to promote more transparency from myself, my posts will be conversations from the previous week that have convicted, challenged, or encouraged me. they'll probably tend to be longer posts because i want to include good explanations and thoughts too.

i doubt they'll be funny.
i want to take them more seriously.
i want to throw my dirty laundry out there for all the blog world to see.

i realize that "confessing" through a blog is a little different (ok, a lot different) than talking to someone's face, but you gotta start somewhere. i hope it encourages me to be more aware of my sins and shortcomings through the week so that i can not only confess my struggles, but also deal with them. if you read it and can relate, or struggle with the same things, or just think i'm crazy i would appreciate a comment saying so. i think i've got it set up so you can comment anonymously if you like. please.

stay tuned for sunday, sunday, sunday!

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